While browsing through Wikipedia, I stumble upon Moderna Therapeutics and Stephane Bancel pages.  Surprisingly, a man who was a Sales Manager claimed to be Managing Director of Eli Lily?  Since when Sales Managers can call themselves "Managing Director of a Pharmaceutical giant?"

Wikipedia found that Stephane Bancel was engaged in edits and posting of article(s) to unfairly promote himself through paid agencies.  A gamete of Wikipedia users were banned at the Wikipedia after a long discovery.  See reports here





I am amazed at Mr. Stephane Bancel self promotion through unscrupulous means and exaggeration of  his qualifications and experience.
This does confirm his manipulative behavior discussed at the Glassdoor by former and current employees of Moderna http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/ModeRNA-Therapeutics-Reviews-E453959.htm

Moderna Therapeutics on Citysearch
Holly Fuckrolles!!!!

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